Good Smoking Rule in Japan

Good Manner is Staying in One Place to Smoke

Many years ago, my Dad as well as some of my other family members from the US were stationed in various parts of Japan from just after WWII. When I was with them, one of the questions they often ask me is about cigarette smokers and proper manner for smoking in Japan.

During their assignments in places like Yokosuka, Atsugi, Tachikawa, Sasebo, and Iwakuni, they used to see Japanese people (along with American sailors and soldiers) smoke cigarettes everywhere, including on the train, in buses, while riding taxis, in restaurants, movie theatres, amusement parks and even while walking around the streets.

Even now, some of my relatives still have the old vision of what ordinary people use to do on a daily basis. Normal activities like cigarette smoking. I told them that people cut down the smoking much more in comparison to when we were in Japan from the 50’s to the 70’s. Each city now designates a smoking area within city property to include streets. This is being done to reduce the second hand smoke that would affect others and that is a good practice Japan has implemented. People, for the most part, follow this rule very carefully.

I would like to take this opportunity to let international visitors in on cigarette smoking practices and rules in public locations. I sometimes see visitors smoking cigarettes while walking, etc., and I definitely do not want them to have an awkward moment when someone tries to tell them where the smoking area is located. Have a fun visit to Japan!

by AustinA

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