First time we've seen free entrance for all internationals at a Huge Tokyo Anime Event

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu welcomed 7000 international Guests to Moshi Moshi

Last weekend there was another brick laid in to the proverbial wall of internationalization in Japan.


After many years in Japan, I have never seen a huge anime event mostly in Japanese that was so well attended by internationals. Yes, everyone turns out for great events all over Japan all the time, but usually we have to decipher how to purchase tickets, figure out how to find the venue and basically struggle along with a serious language handicap when it comes to all the non-Disneyland fun in Japan.


Well, something might be about to change. This past weekend, right in the center of Tokyo, a huge Anime-related festival was held. The special feature was free entrance (tickets were selling at 4000 yen each, about 40 USD) for all the internationals who displayed passports. Some 7000 internationals showed up to enjoy the fun!


In my experience until now, this type of special service for internationals was deemed a bit "unfair" so to speak so everyone was given the same type of service. Now though, with tourism on the rise and lots of great opportunities for visitors all over the place…everyone is waking up and this festival is a great example of an added effort at special treatment for internationals.

So, get ready for a whole new opening up in Japan! With Kyari Pamyu Pamyu gaining a huge following across the globe and all that is anime truly coming to life in the imagination of people everywhere, I think Japan is going to become even more visitor-friendly very very soon!

by Kong

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