Edo Wonderland - See the Legends!

Nikko Edomura

I will admit that this was one of the most memorable adventures of my first trip to Japan. It is all very interactive and you can actually experience the Edo period lifestyle first-hand. This is a wonderful place to see and take part in the living history and culture of the Edo period. This culture park is an authentic recreation of village life of that time and historically reenacts life in the days of the Shogun. There are plenty of live action theaters, craft studios, parades and cultural activities waiting to be enjoyed. At the Culture Theater, a lucky member of the audience is chosen to take part in a short play. You must see the Grand Ninja Theater. The audience is limited to a small number of attendees for each show. You will be seated in a small and darkened theater then all of a sudden, Ninjas in pursuit of their targets sneak, jump, hide and reappear out of dark corners and a battle ensues. They truly are stealth warriors. There is an open stage at the center of the village where battles are reenacted, a Social Learning Center where you can have fun learning about Japanese culture, the glamorous Oiran Dochu (ultimate geisha) Parade and so much more. 一期一会 (Ichi-go ichi-e). Check it out at http://www.edowonderland.net.

by Dolores

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