Manga Starbucks

From one little coffee shop in Seattle Washington in 1971, a coffee empire unlike any empire ever seen was born. Their cafes can be found in sixty five countries, with more than sixteen thousand locations. Their products are also sold ubiquitously from convenient stores to grocery markets, and in vending machines. You might have suspected by now that I am talking about the one and only Starbucks.

Sure you say, of course you know Starbucks, you have your favorite drink there, been there many times, what’s the big deal? Well, there is one particular Starbucks that is defiantly worth popping by for, not only for their drinks, but for the Starbucks building itself. This is actually the former house of famed Manga artist Ryuichi Yokoyama.

This very unique Starbucks is located in the middle of Kamakura. (15-11 Onarimachi, Kamakura 248-0012) All your favorite food and drinks can be found here, and if there are no seats available, there is a front sit down waiting area. There is also an outside seating area complete with the original home’s swimming pool and many beautiful trees like the Japanese maple and cherry. On the Inside you can sit at a table for a group meet up, lounge back in chairs looking through the glass doors to the pool, or reflect on a couch to gain inspiration under some original artwork by Mr. Ryuichi Yokoyama himself. If you happen to be in the area, or even if it is a train ride away, this is defiantly a Starbucks experience you will not want to miss!

by Alex

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