Toyota Mega Web / Theme Park

For all of you car enthusiasts out there, and even if you are not one, the Toyota Mega Web and self proclaimed theme park must be put on your list of things to experience while in Tokyo. Located in the middle of the Odaiba’s waterfront attractions, this exhibition offers hours of free entertainment for all ages. (1-3-12 Aomi, Koto, Tokyo Prefecture 135-0064) The Toyota Mega Web can easily be accessed by the monorail that runs to Odaiba very frequently and also accepts Suicca! Just hop off at the stop as if you were going to go aboard the observation wheel, and on your way to the wheel, you actually pass through the Toyota Mega Web!

The basic layout is two floors divided into six exhibit areas. The top floor offers all of Toyota’s latest in cutting edge technology and concept car designs to be seen. There are also displays of Toyota’s professional race cars, new petite one person cars, and cutting edge hydrogen powered cars. For a little theme park action, you can take a ride on the race car simulators, and race on a virtual course against opponents sitting next to you.

There is one more thing on the top floor that was particularly interesting. There is an interactive race course for a new technology that will make walking a thing of the past. The Toyota ‘Winglet’ is a two wheel device that you stand on and control by shifting your knees around, or on another version by leaning with a handle bar. This free experience is sure to change the way you think about what the future of transportation might hold.

Downstairs there is even more fun to be had. As you descend down a double long escalator you will see the Toyota live stage where live events and interviews are held. There are many, many examples of all the different Toyota cars, both new and old. One more thing you will not want to miss is if you have a Japanese driver’s license or international license, there is actually a test track here where you can take any new model Toyota for a test drive! This is a great way to spend an afternoon, and almost everything here is free, including admission; what more could you ask for.

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