Tokyo Skytree Changing the City's Landscape

Tokyo Skytree in the city

Tokyo Skytree has changed the landscape of Tokyo. The tall tower is overlooking everything else in Tokyo. From the park along Sumida river in Asakusa you have a good view of Skytree and it is a popular spot for visitors to take pictures. Another spot for Skytree pictures is the Tourist Center in Asakusa opposite the Kaminarimon gate of Sensoji temple.

And then there are endless places in the city with surprising views of Tokyo Skytree. I have a small collection of pictures taken along streets and alleys that now point directly at the tower. Looking down some of the smallest alleys in Asakusa you will see only a narrow slice of the city's landscape and Tokyo Skytree. It feels as if some of these streets aligned themselves so that they could frame the city's new landmark.

To take your own best picture with the tower, see if you can find Tokyo Skytree from the train, your hotel room, or during a walk. Of course, you can also try the opposite. Go up to the observation deck and see what you can discover in the city below, but that is a different story.

Tokyo Skytree changes at night

For more opportunities to take a unique picture, try to capture Tokyo Skytree illuminated in the evening.

The colors of Tokyo Skytree change every night. Sometimes the tower sparkles, sometimes lights move up and down, and sometimes it glows icy blue and white. Some days Tokyo Skytree shines with special colors. During the New Year night 2014 the tower changed from color to color starting from midnight.

Check the Tokyo Skytree website for more details about the lighting and the building http://www.tokyo-skytree.jp/en/archive/design/lighting.html.

by David

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