Yokohama China Town : A Great Mixture of New and Old

Yokohama China Town, which has a long history, is a place where old traditions and new styles coexist.

Just last week, they opened another new restaurant specialized in Peking duck. They look very clean and fancy. I need to check it out sometime.

On the other hand, there are some very old historic buildings. "The Oriental Hotel" is one of them. It looks almost mysterious. One of my friends stayed there for fun. According to him, you can stay over for 6,000 yen per night (bed without meals). They put Japanese "Futon" on top of bed. On registration card, they have a column to fill out which ship you are from along with your name. It is kind of an experience like staying in a local old hotel in downtown New York.

If you care for something very unique and different, you might want to check it out yourself. It is up to you to decide whether the fee is fair or not, depending on what you expect with place to stay.

Please enjoy the atmosphere of the town, mixture of new and old when you stop by.

by Suetsumuhana

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