Learn Japanese Traditional Culture : Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony

By learning Japanese tea ceremony, you will derive much pleasure in various things by doing the followings.

- Put yourself in a special environment of tea ceremony room away from busy daily life
- Enjoy seasonal Japanese confectioneries over green tea
- Encounter with various lovely tea utensils through your lessons
- Try to enjoy sounds and atmosphere when tea is served

I recommend you to experience this Japanese traditional in order to feel Japanese etiquettes and the “Omotenashi” sprit of hospitality!

Kimono dresser:Miki Nishimura(Kagome)
Master of Sadou:Yoshiko Sano(Midori-en)
Cinematography:Sadashi Mae&Hidenori Noguchi
Editing:Hidenori Noguchi
Kimono supervisor:Yoshitsugu Miura(KOBE HIMEYA)
Photographer:Kou Wakimoto,Asami Wakimoto,
Photographer&Designer:Aki yamamoto(PEACE PHOTO)
Project advisor : Hideki Tazawa

by Hideki Tazawa

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