Yoga Studio in the middle of Sakae

Class room with nice view of Central Park

With a hard day of work and constantly checking our phones.
It's easy to lower our priority in having time for ourself.
When these short times maybe the important ones.

One of the limited moments that I'm making time for my self is when I am sitting on my surfboard waiting for a wave.

The magic hour is when the sun is setting on the horizon.
The clouds become pink and the surface of the water becomes golden.

Having moved to the city in July it's been tough to make to the ocean.
I was looking for a place where I could keep my body tuned and also reset my mind.

That's when I found a Yoga Studio in Nagoya, Sakae.

There are similar aspects with Yoga and Surfing.
They are both relaxing and refreshing.

Keeping a flexible body not only prevents injury helps the body's circulation.
The brain needs oxygen to operate, deep breaths help.
The day to day life our breaths are shallow.
The next time you feel mad or frustrated watch how your breathing. I bet it's short and shallow breaths. Try to be in the same state while taking long deep breaths. Your state of mind will have a hard time feeling mad or frustrated.

During the beginning and the end of a Yoga class there is time to concentrate on your breathing.

Relaxing time just for yourself.

At MySoul8 first class was 888yen.
You get to choose your own class.
Instructor Ali speaks English, my teacher today was Tomo-san today.
12 students in a fairly large room.

I checked the monthly schedule that can be found on their website.

If your in Nagoya and looking for a place to keep fit and tune.
The yoga class has a nice view of Central Park's trees.

by Yuuki I

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