Successfully Navigating Narita Airport

I found a very easy guide I will share with you here

I travel fairly frequently to overseas destinations with my business but when I am on my way to Narita Airport using Narita express, I find myself asking which terminal I have to get off and would I go to the north or south gate to check with the airline I am about to embark.

When I came back from one of my trips, I found a very easy guide while I was riding the Limousine bus from Narita to Marriott Hotel in Shinagawa and I wanted to share this document for those of you either visiting Japan or going back to your home country.

The pamphlet is fairly self-explanatory and it illustrates which airlines are located in terminal 1 and terminal 2. Then within terminal 1, whether your airline is located in North or South Wind. In Terminal 1, it is divided into Domestic Airline check-in or International check-in. The pamphlet also shows the locations of Information Counter, Money Exchange Area, Post Office, Baggage Service Counter, Elevators, Duty Free Shops, Smoking Area and Limousine Bus Stops. Though, it is not shown in this map, JR and other train ticketing and terminals are located in the basement level of Narita Airport.
The information is written in both Japanese as well as in English so this may give you a good idea as to where to go when you go back to Narita airport for your next visit.

If you have any questions, find an Information desk and they will be happy to assist anyone who may need directions or information. The information counters are well depicted on this map.
Enjoy your travel!!!

by AustinA

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