Chigasaki Beach for your Japan Travel

“Chigasaki”? It is located central Kanagawa Prefecture

Have you ever been to a city call “Chigasaki”? It is located central Kanagawa Prefecture between Fujisawa and Hiratsuka city with population of little over 236,000 people and a population density of 6,610 person per square kilometer.

I had an opportunity to visit the Chigasaki city taking JR Tokaido line from Shinagawa station in the recent past and brought back such a wonderful memory of how beautiful the place is. It is located on the coast (Sagami bay) not too far from Enoshima Island near Kamakura and it is a dream land for those who surf the waves.

The visitor can walk to the beach from the JR station without any difficulties but if you like, buses run fairly frequently to a beach call “Southern Beach” and it is frequented by local people as well as visitors from nearly Yokohama, Tokyo and other areas. Just about 10 minutes’ walk from the Southern Beach towards Enoshima Island, the place known as the “Board Walk” is located and this is more of a local surfer gathering place.

The day I visited was fairly hot so well-tanned local surfers were there but not in the water for the surf was poor at best. Instead, they were enjoying BBQ, drink and good company with lots of good conversation.

From this vista, you can see Mt. Fuji towards south west and long beach scene up to Enoshima Island towards eastern direction. At one point in the past, I walked all the way from Chigasaki beach area to Enoshima Island, which took about 1.5 hours along the beach.

If you enjoy walking, jogging or running along the beach or swimming or surfing, this is one of the places you should check out.

by AustinA

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