Unique Watersports Culture in Tokyo

In order to survive a Nippon Summer every year, Japanese people have created lots of little hints to beat the heat from way back. For examples, with Shishiodoshi (water-filled bamboo tube which clacks against a stone when emptied), Furin (wind bells) and Golden fish, people try to cool themselves by enjoying the natural elegance at the same time.

Though people also play in the water of river and ocean in the country, it is not that easy to do in the middle of Tokyo metropolis.

However, this year, Water Sports Events for adults were organized by those who wish to play in the water in the middle of Tokyo city. These events were held early in the morning so that people could stop by before they went to work. A lot of business people who usually wear business suits even in the hot summer weather soaked in the fun atmosphere of being a kid again.

My company, ASOBIBA manages and offers survival game fields in the city. This summer, we also produced water slider playgrounds in the Ochanomizu Waterras (http://www.yasuda-re.co.jp/waterras/). Though it was a trial test this year, we brought “Slide The City” that became very popular in the States and Canada. Many people, from the little kids to the adults, enjoyed this 30m long water slider. They said they had never expected such a water slider can be enjoyed in the heart of Tokyo. They were all satisfied with this unexpected fun though soaked through!

As Japan is experiencing brutal heat every year, I think these aggressive watersports culture should become established gradually in Japan. As we plan to do something fun every year, please join us next time!


by totowatanabe

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