Drop-in Yoga Workshop at Temples in Tokyo

Enjoy yoga experience during your trip to Japan!!!

The following links (I believe their sites are all in Japanese....)are temples in Tokyo area, where they do provide a yoga workshop:

@"Kongoin," Toshima-ku every Mon.(10am-) and Wed.(7:30pm-) starting from Aug 4 and 6
豊島区 金剛院(8月4日~、6日~開講)
※毎週月曜日、水曜日開催 詳しくは:http://www.machitera.net/tokyo-toshima-kongohin/112/

@"Joonji," Shinju-ku every first, third and fifth Tue.(7pm) starting from Aug 5
新宿区 淨音寺(8月5日~開講)
※毎月第1、第3、第5火曜日開催 詳しくは:http://www.machitera.net/tokyo-shinjuku-jouonji/23/

@"Myoushouji," Edogawa-ku every Tue. and Fri. (3pm-)starting from Aug 26 and 29
江戸川区 妙勝寺(8月26日~、29日~開講)
※毎週火曜日、金曜日開催 詳しくは:http://www.machitera.net/tokyo-edogawa-myousyouji/24/

@"Joinji," Meguro-ku every Sat. (2pm-)
目黒区 常圓寺 ※毎週土曜日開催 詳しくは:http://www.machitera.net/tokyo-meguro-jouenji/88/

@"Yogakuji," Koto-ku twice a month either Friday(5pm-) or Saturday(7:30pm-)
江東区 陽岳寺 ※毎月2回 金曜日or土曜日開催 詳しくは:http://www.machitera.net/tokyo-koto-yougakuji/145/

@"Zenshoin," Toshima-ku every Thurs. (7:30pm-)
豊島区 全昌院 ※毎週木曜日開催 詳しくは:http://www.machitera.net/tokyo-toshima-zenshouin/34/

All of their classes are drop-in class: 1500 yen per person and one hour long.
I have never tried their yoga but I am sure that a yoga workshop in a temple will be quite an experience for visitors!!!!

For those who stay in Chiba area, please check https://www.facebook.com/yogaconnects
There will be a post on an occasional yoga workshop information:)

by Hatha Yoga Lover

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