Japanese 'fast-food' for foreigners


You might have heard of, or hear around you at times the Japanese word Gaijin, which literally means outside person, or non-Japanese. It is not originally meant to be disrespectful, just basically means foreigner. So for those who are foreigners and do not speak Japanese, but can’t get enough of the incredible Japanese food, this is for you! Always perfectly displayed in so many windows as you walk down the streets, reminding you if you are hungry, there is an ordering system made for ease and speed. These machines are plentiful, not always written in English, but are often numbered, and are the means to ordering delicious Japanese ‘fast food.’

This golden find when you exit left out of the main entrance of Shinagawa Station, and walk half a kilometer and down to the left, you will find a whole line of Japanese ‘fast-food’ noodle and curry eateries. Reasonably priced, fast-paced, and delicious, I would highly recommend these shops. As you can see, the numbered dishes in the windows correspond to the numbers on the machine.

Drinks are usually on the bottom, and cheaper than the rest. You put either your coins, no smaller than a 10 piece, or paper money, then press the number dish you want, and beverage, should you not want the free water which is always provided. When you are done, and If you still have money left in the machine, press the red button, and your change and little tickets will drop down.

Go inside the establishment, and present your ticket to your greater, sit down, and enjoy!

*Pro Tip* When you eat at someone's home there are things you say before you eat, and after as respect.

Before you eat: Itadakimasu (pronounced: ee-tah-dah-kee-mahs)
When you are done eating: Gochisou-sama. (pronounced: Goh-chee-soh-sah-mah)

**In restaurants you really wouldn't say Itadakimasu unless it is like a mom and pops shop, and the people who just cooked it served it to you, and are watching you try it out. As for Gochisou-sama it is polite to say this anytime, so say it on your way out, I'm sure your server will be impressed.

by Alex

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