Souvenir ideas for your home

As a college student, when I return to Japan, I look for things that are Japanesque and remind me of home. This summer, I bought room-decoration items that have brightened up my room. These are some of my tips on where to buy Japanese souvenirs to add that Japanese-touch to your home.

1. Go to a stationary store and select your favorite pens, pencils, markers, etc. You will never find stationary as good as those in Japan. Also, I bought a Japanese calendar with a seasonal theme. There is something about the decoration and art on each page that always brightens up my study space.

2. Buy a tenugui with Japanese patterns or scenery. Although it is technically a towel, it can be used for room decoration, as well.

3. A souvenir that reminds you of the places you have visited. When I visited Kyushu, I bought this wooden block with a beautiful quote saying, "Happiness comes to those who laugh. Always smile."

by RieS

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