JR Kyoto Station - Futuristic architecture masterpiece

Worth to Explore

If you only pass through the platforms of Kyoto Station, you miss out to explore this impressive building, the third largest train station in Japan (Ref: 1st: Tokyo, 2nd: Umeda). The whole building was constructed on the 1200th anniversary of the capital's foundation in Kyoto.

If you come by train and want to enjoy it, go to the North exit (Karasuma Side) and you will arrive in the atrium. From here, you can reach the most attractive areas of this 15-stories futuristic place to enjoy 360 degree view of the building.

A large number of escalators and walkways are inviting you to explore, while offering some beautiful views towards Kyoto. What is really interesting is where a huge stairway creates a spectacular Grand Stairway. When you go up (you can take an escalator or take an elevator inside Isetan Department store), they have an open air observation deck on the top floor of the station.

Two tourist information centers - very helpful

There are also two tourist information centers in the building. The general Tourist Information Center on the 2nd floor offers very kind and knowledgable multilingual staff, various pamphlets and some PC terminals for use by tourists. They can answer any kind of question you might have about travelling Kyoto. Another International Information Center is located on the 9th floor with more English based materials.

This unique architectural masterpiece was created by Hiroshi Hara, the architect who also created one of the most beautiful skyscrapers, the Umeda Sky Building.


by EmiOnishi

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