Tourist Tip #6: Know Your Animal Sounds!

OK...so you don't REALLY need to know your animal sounds to help you enjoy your time in Japan, but knowing a few will certainly help you ice break or seriously spice up a conversation while you're here! You'd be surprised by the amount of fun and laughs that can be had (and friends that you'll make) by sharing worldwide animal sounds over a few drinks. Trust me, I know...oooh how I know :)

My list is by no means comprehensive, but here's more than enough Japanese animal onomatopoeia to get you started:

Bears: guo guo
Birds: pichu pichu
Cats: nyaa nyaa (also: nyan and nyao)
Chicks: piyo piyo (also: pi pi)
Chickens/roosters: kokekokko
Cows: mo mo
Crows: kaa kaa
Dogs: wan wan
Ducks/geese: ga ga
Elephants: pao pao (also: pao-n)
Foxes: kon kon
Frogs: kero kero
Horses: hihi-n
Lions/tigers: gao gao
Mice: chuu chuu
Monkeys: uki uki (also: ki ki)
Pigs: buu buu
Sheep/goats: me me
Turtles: mu
Wolves: wao-n

Know any more? Feel free to leave a comment below!

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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