Tourist Tip #3 (Revisited): Stay Away from Souvenir Shops

In one of my previous "Tourist Tip" posts, I suggested staying away from conventional tourist-trap omiyageya (souvenir shops) and visiting instead some of the cooler places where there's more to shop for at better deals:


There are many such places to visit. Some funky, others kitschy, but all offering Japan's more eclectic items. Village Vangard, for example, falls into both categories. Very popular with all age-groups, you can be sure to find something that will appeal to whomever it is you're shopping for:

Village Vangard

I recently posted at my blog one such find, something I picked up at a "retro store" in Yokohama Station. And while my purchase was a bit of a letdown (read the post to find out why), rest assured I'll be going back to shop for more goodies.


by Former Deep Japan Writer

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