Japanese Themed Cafés

How many kinds of Japanese theme cafés do you know? Maid café, cat café, rabbit café...? Actually, Tokyo has variety of themed restaurants that you have never imagined.
My recommendation for this summer 2014 is "Pikachu café" in Roppongi Hills! Everyone probably knows Pokémon and Pikachu, but who has ever thought of eating this cute yellow creature?? Also, there opened "My Melody Café" in Shibuya. My Melody is from the same company as Hello Kitty (Sanrio).
Pikachu café is a part of exhibition of new Pokémon movie and serves Pikachu-shaped foods like jelly, rice with curry, hamburgers. Since the Pokémon exhibition is on 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills, which is Tokyo City View observation deck, it is nice to have adorable food with a great view of Tokyo!
Sadly these are limited-time cafés that open only for this summer, but you can still find other themed restaurants to go.

Another my favorite is "Alice in Wonderland Café." It is kind of a chain restaurant and has 6 restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka. They all have different brands: Alice in a labyrinth, in magical land, in an old castle... The interior is so cute that it is like an amusement park. Of course the waitresses are dressed in Alice cosplay...

There are plenty of themed restaurants, not only characters. They might look weird, but I'm sure they are worth visiting once!

by Yuki

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