Doraemon in Roppongi Hills

Doraemon Park

Doraemon everywhere. I'm not sure how many there are, but I'd say around a hundred of them. There all over the plaza, on the walls, in the water fountains.

There's Doraemon doing magic. Singing. Dancing.

I understand it is to celebrate the movie that came out recently. The Stand By Me 3D.


I'm not sure any of the many people taking photos with Doraemon doing this or that really care about the movie that just came out. I think they are just enjoying the park.

I read that it opens on August 6, but it seems pretty much open now. I was there on July 28, when I took these photos. It is supposed to run until September 12.

They are very easy to find. Just go to the plaza at the foot of Roppongi Hills. Follow the crowds. Listn for the screaming kids. You can't miss it.

That's a Dokodemo Noah, behind the door. I suppose it will take you anywhere, too. I was pretty impressed. During the 15 minutes or so I was hanging around, there were as many pretty young ladies and couples taking photos at the door than families with kids and babies. I was starting to wish I had a Dokodemo Door, too.

A parting glance, with the famous spider statue. It usually seems pretty majestic and ominous in the plaza. It seems like it rules the place. Beware, lowly pedestrians.

But that day, it seemed rather out of place. Pretty much forgotten. And lonely. Like Godzilla on the day that Gundams and Transformers flew in and made Godzilla seem small and inconsequential. It seemed rather melancholy, the spider that day.

Alas, I've included you in my montage. You are not forgotten. But I still prefer the door. Sorry.

If you like Doraemon (or spiders), do pay a visit.

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