Shoes Fit for a King

Shoe Creator

I like shoes. Not enough to have 3000 pairs, like the wife of a former Asian dictator, but I think good shoes are a very important thing. A good pair of shoes keeps our feet on the ground, after all.

Atsushi Inoue is a Shoe Creator. Not just any shoemaker.

A mixed bag

His shoes are, no doubt, a mixture of many tastes and colors. I think it's pretty obvious that he wears his creations. Not, mind you, because the shoes on display here were worn, but because one can see that they run the gamut of active, casual, and dressy occasions that a youthful designer might wear his shoes.

I can easily imagine that a cobbler of years past may have made shoes in this way - choosing a design and colors for a variety of occasions. The shoes look like they could be worn on a variety of special situations, or by the various characters in a play.

But, ultimately, I think, a good pair of shoes comes down to a few distinct qualities. Does it fit well? Is it comfortable? Is it durable? Is it made to last, or is it made to grow out of style?

I think Atsushi Inoue's shoes are made to be comfortable, durable, and with a sense of panache. The panache, however, is somewhat subdued, like a youthful artist trying to make something whimsical and enjoyable while not so outlandish as to put off his audience.

Perhaps this impression is pretty much what Monsieur Inoue is going through. I didn't ask. But I do believe that he's got some real talent.

Original handmade shoes

by mikekato

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