Japanese Massage Etiquette to Enjoy a Relaxing, Stress Relieving Moment

Minnanotemomi Massage establishments around Japan

Just last week, I’ve experienced another massage establishment called “Minnanotemomi”. Minnanotemomi mean’s roughly everyone’s massage and the massage they did for me was excellent caliber, yet one of the most inexpensive fees that I’ve came across thus far during my stay in Japan.

A very well established and a professional organization.

When I went on the web to research more about this organization, I’ve found out they have 13 locations throughout Tokyo metro. You can learn more about Minnanotemomi by visiting http://minnanotemomi.jp/

The ones I’ve visited thus far have 3 to 5 beds where clients receive massages. The room is not private but there are divider walls between the beds to the other so it’s not totally in view from the others. Also, you have a choice of keeping your clothes on or change into their rental clothes. This is done so that many business people will visit this place during the lunch hour and they have business attire on so they have a rental clothes for you. Since you now know that the place will massage you with your clothes on, wear something comfortable and loose fit.

They will start by introducing themselves and ask which part of your body is causing the most trouble for you. They will focus on that pain point. The next question is to ask you if you have any injured area where it is painful and avoid massaging. Unfortunately, most of their masseuse speaks only Japanese but I noticed some of them do understand the basic English so give it a try. The advertised cost is 2,980 yen plus tax for a 60 minute massaging. Now, It’s a great deal and since they do such a great work, the establishment enjoys 81% repeat customers.

Now, if you are short for time, a 30 minute massage is available for 1,580 yen or on the other hand, if you have plenty of time, they have a 90 minute massage for 4,380 yen.

Experience this well hidden secret of Tokyo. I think you will love it and but be careful not to become that 81% group of people who cannot wait to return each week. Who knows this may keep you in Japan for an extended stay.

by AustinA

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