Transportation from Narita Airport to Tokyo/Yokohama

My advice on how to get to Tokyo/Yokohama from Narita Airport

I just returned to Japan today and arrived in Narita airport terminal 1 via Delta Airlines. I’ve done this so many times but noticed so many visitors are wondering around with such a lost look that I’ve decided to write this article.
Once you arrive in Tokyo Narita airport, you have several choices of transportation to get to Tokyo/Yokohama area. They are by train, bus, hired limousine or taxi.

I am going to take you through the options from the most expensive to the most used mode of transportation by international visitors.

Both hired limousine and taxi can be expensive but perhaps the most expensive mode of transportation going to Tokyo area is the hired limousine service. This is perhaps the most luxurious and comfortable way to travel with privacy. Simply Google the limousine service in Narita area and you will be able to find several companies.

Taxi probably is second most expensive mode of transportation providing that the road traffic cooperate with you. You can find them in front of the terminal building just waiting for you. Most taxi take credit cards these days but I’ve seen and experienced many taxi companies who only take cash payments so when you get in to the taxi, make certain that they take credit card, if that is how you intend to pay for the cab ride.

The other mode of transportation taken by the visitors is bus. The popular bus company is call the “Limousine Bus” and it is very convenient for you can purchase the bus ticket right at the airport terminal. This bus service is designed specifically for the foreign visitors for buses are designed to stop at various hotels throughout Tokyo. So, tell the clerk at the counter which hotel you are staying and they will determine which bus would best fit your needs. Bus stops are well marked just outside the terminal and report to the bus terminal, which is designated by numerical number. When you go there, the attendant will ask for your ticket and see how many luggage you have in possession that has to go down at the bottom of the bus. The attendant will take your luggage and corresponding number of tickets to retrieve the luggage when you exit the bus at the final destination. In front of the bus, just left above where drive sits, you will see a digital sign as to the next stop the bus will make so you know when to get off. Of course the driver will inform the passenger as to the destination when the bus arrives the hotel. There are a couple of exceptions as to the locations where these buses will stop and they are TAC (Tokyo Bus Terminal) right next to Tokyo JR train station or Shinjuku bus terminal right next to the JR Sinjuku station. You will see some exceptions like this but the most stops are made at the hotels. When you get off the bus, the hotel attendants and/or the bus driver will take out your luggage from the bus and line them up right next the bus for you to retrieve. Before retrieving the luggage, the attendants will request your luggage ticket you received at the airport to ensure you are retrieving the correct luggage. The bus is comfortable and reasonably priced for your travel from Narita airport to your hotel destinations.

Train is fun and easy to get to Tokyo as well. You are several choices with train ride too. The most popular train for the foreign visitors is call “Narita Express”. This train perhaps is the fastest way to get to Tokyo for it goes from the airport to Tokyo station direct with no stops in between. The cost is moderate and when you purchase the ticket, it designate your seat number so you are guaranteed to have a seat. Look at the ticket and you will see which cart you are sitting and the seat number. If you are not sure, ask one of the train attendants at the platform.

He/she will assist you as to which train number and how to find your seat. The other choices are local train from Narita airport to Tokyo but it makes frequent stops and the cost is somewhat lower too. This train is most popular with the local residents who may be working at the airport to take and live somewhere between Narita and Tokyo where Narita Express may not stop. Either way, enjoy the ride and experience what Japan has to offer to you.

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