Japan Travel Advice: Transportation from Haneda Airport to Tokyo

Here is my suggestion about how to get from point A to point B in Tokyo

Once you arrive in Tokyo Haneda airport, you have several transportation options to get to Tokyo area.

They are by train, bus, hired limousine or taxi. I guess you can hitchhike and walk but we will not discuss those options here:)

I travel from time to time with my work so I come into Narita and at times into Haneda airport and I will describe the transportation mode from the most expensive to the least mode of transportation.

Both hired limousine and taxi can be expensive but perhaps the most expensive mode of transportation going in to Tokyo/Yokohama area is the most luxurious and the comfortable way to travel with privacy. To obtain the companies who provide these services, simply Google the limousine services around Haneda area and you will find them rather quickly.

Taxi probably is the second most expensive mode of transportation providing that the traffic cooperates with you. You can find taxi in front of the terminal building just waiting for you. Most taxi takes credit cards these days but I’ve seen and experienced many taxi companies who only took cash payments so when you get in to the taxi, make certain that they take credit card if that is how you are going to pay for the ride.

The other mode of transportation taken frequently by the visitors is bus. The popular bus company is call the “Limousine Bus” and it is very convenient for you can purchase the bus tickets right at the airport terminal. This bus service is designed specifically for the foreign visitors for buses are designed to stop at various internationally known hotels throughout Tokyo/Yokohama. So, tell the ticket clerk at the counter which hotel you are staying and they will determine which bus will stop at your destination. Bus stops are well marked and they are just outside of the terminal. When you go there, the attendant will ask for your ticket and see how many luggage you have in possession, which will be placed in the luggage storage area. The attendant will take your luggage and provide you with corresponding number of receipts to retrieve your luggage when you exit the bus at the final destination.

Once you get in the bus, you will noticed a message sign as to the stops the buses will make in front of the bus, just left above where the drive sits. Of course the automated announcement as to which stop will be next prior to the destination. The bus will stop at other than hotel as well and some of the examples of stops they will make are YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal – next to Yokohama JR train station, TCAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal – next to Tokyo JR Station) and Shinagawa JR station. When you get off the bus, the hotel attendants and/or the bus driver will take out your luggage for you. Before retrieving the luggage, the attendants will request your luggage ticket you received at the airport to ensure that you are retrieving the correct luggage. The bus is comfortable and reasonably priced for your travel from Haneda airport to your hotel destinations.

The other mode of transportation that is available is monorail from Haneda airport to “Hamamatsucho JR train station”. Hamamatsucho is a city within Tokyo and the monorail will arrive at JR Hamamatsucho train station and Daimon “oedo line” Subway station. The cost of monorail is reasonable and the time it takes to get to Hamamatsucho is less than 30 minutes. Monorail has both local and the express train which will take around 20 minutes. The final option is to take the red train call Keihinkyuukou (Keikyuu). This train departs Haneda airport terminal and goes both north to Tokyo direction or south to Yokohama. Again, the train tickets are moderate and affordable. One thing I noticed about arriving in Haneda airport is that many European and North American air carriers arrive Haneda during the later hours so the train or monorail may not be operating during that time. This will limit the choice of your transportation so when you book the flight into Haneda, be mindful of transportation requirements from the airport to your final destination for that night.

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