Bouncy Skirts the Newest Tokyo Fashion Trend

Reports from the ground about what makes Fashion in Japan Bounce!

And, as for fashion, how about these new bouncy-wouncy skirts I spotted in the display window at Issey Miyake in Omotesando?!


It is as if your skirt or blouse was on a trampoline! We understand that Issey Miyake is all about the movement of the material and silky feel you can enjoy in these breezy designs, but this window display is truly FUNKY!

Omotesando is one of Tokyo's hottest, trendiest fashion streets and also a great place for people-watching or strolling on a relaxing day in the metropolis. The locale is famous for outdoor cafes, celebrities, amazing sports cars and of course, one of our favorite things....shopping!

Get off the train at Omotesando station and walk to Harajuku (about 20 minutes) to get a taste of posh Japan shopping before you arrive in "Harajuku Girls" land further down the road.

Here's the map to help you along

by Kong

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