Ready for the Queen of New York Breakfasts Eggs Benedict?

Shinagawa Station Tokyo Now has a Brand New NYC Style Restaurant with a Japanese Twist

First...the food. A first of a kind anywhere in the world! To tell us about her newest creation, the "Queen of Breakfasts in New York City", Sarabeth Levine, namesake of Sarabeth's at the opening of her third restaurant here in Tokyo at the new, just opened Shinagawa station location describing her new nighttime appetizer; scallop eggs benedict using uzura!

Newest SARABETH's Newly Opened in Shinagawa Station, Tokyo

I bet you never thought you would have eggs benedict as a dinner appetizer! Well Sarabeth's challenges "typical' in many ways and brings unique flavor and pizazz to Shinagawa Station's East Exit.

Interesting how the quail eggs (Uzura) make a perfect match to the little cut-out English muffin bits at the bottom of the dish. Nice to have a beautiful place to enjoy breakfast royalty inside the Atre Shopping arcade in Shinagawa station on the JR line. Shinagawa is also where many people board the Bullet Train headed for Osaka, Nagoya and other Southern Locations so stopping by this lovely restaurant before you leave might be a fun way to start your trip.

Here is the map:

by Kong

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