Experience old Japan in Kanazawa

In the Edo period Kanazawa had about the same poplulation as Nagoya.
Edo being largest then Osaka, Kyoto then Kanazawa and Nagoya.
During WW2 Kanazawa was not bombed and the old scenery of the Japanese culture can be seen today.

Higashi Chayagai (東茶屋街) is one of the places you can experience history just by walking into this area.
10 - 15 minutes drive East of Kanazawa station.

Higashi Chayagai offers places to eat, stay, boutique, jewelry, and the gold!
Kanazawa is known for making 95% Japan's of Kinpaku (金箔) or golden leaf.
Gold plated jewelry, gold sprinkled on ice cream, and gold facial packs can be bought.

Kanazawa is tourist friendly place to go.
Fresh seafood, sight seeing, and from the clean water they have good Sake!

Not to mention the new Kanazawa station is being built for the bullet train in 2015. This summer might be the time to go before it gets over crowded!!

by Yuuki I

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