Lively NISHIKI market in KYOTO!

A market is the best place to visit if you want to know about the lifestyle in the area. When you are visiting Kyoto, it's a good idea to go to the lively Nishiki Market.

Now there are about 130 grocery and seafood shops lined up on both sides of the narrow street. They are selling Kyoto's special vegetables, pickles, tofu, dried fish...you can experience the unique food culture of Kyoto in the market. Soy ice cream, sashimi, cooked sweet-spicy octopus skewer, baked oysters...it is fun to try some snacks while walking in the market. Many shops offer samples for tasting as well.

All the staff are friendly and familiar with international visitors. So even if you don't know the language, just point to an item and they will respond kindly.

My favorite is the Kyoto's special vegetable shops. They are so colorful and pretty. Filled with all kinds of colorful sights, unusual smells and the voices of the market traders, this is a lively location.

There is a popular shop selling tofu donuts(To-nyu donuts).They are served hot, straight out of the fryer. You can get a bag of small doughnuts and they have a simple sweet taste you cannot stop. There are usually people waiting in line, so you cannot miss it.


by EmiOnishi

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