Japan Gets Ready For "Godzilla" 2014

The New American Godzilla Opens Friday In Japan

The Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. "Godzilla" opens Friday in theaters throughout Japan. The movie is being distributed by Godzilla's parent company, Toho Co., Ltd.

Thus far, "Godzilla" is within a "hair's breath" of making $500 million worldwide. It will likely go over that mark during its Japanese theatrical run.

I saw the movie during its U.S. run and found it light years better than the 1998 Sony/TriStar version. This time, Godzilla looks and acts like Godzilla.

However, it had the feel of a Gamera movie and at the end of it, I almost expected Kow Otani's Gamera march to be played.

Some have complained that Godzilla doesn't show up until an hour into the movie. But the movie moves so fast and the sequences involving the MUTOs are engaging. The complainers apparently missed Godzilla during the prologue.

I found Godzilla entertaining and well worth the price of admission. I do have some quibbles over the characterization (or lack) of Godzilla being a nuclear allegory and his nuclear origins.

My grade: B+.

by ArmandV

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