Business hotels - more than business

reasonable and comfortable stay in Japan

As a frequent traveller, I need to minimize the fuss when booking business hotel.
What I want is very simple; close to the train station or airport, clean room, free wifi, hot shower, decent AC, wide & comfortable bed, enough space to put my large size suitcases, little desk to get some work done, shampoo, body soap, toothbrush, comb, razor, hair dryer, and hot breakfast. Then, on top of all of these, I want the price to be reasonable, say 6000-8000 yen range.
You may be wondering, that is not 'simple', where can you find hotel like that!

Well, lucky for us, there are few hotel chains in Japan that can satisfy my needs.
APA hotel
Toyoko INN
Are the ones I currently use for my domestic travel. Their facility is very similar, English guidance is available for foreign traveller, bed is wide enough for 2 person, open space underneath of the bed to put your luggage. Toyoko Inn has bible in each room (I have never seen any other hotel chain offers such). APA tries to be more 'elegant' than Toyoko INN thus slightly expensive (about 1000 yen or so) and breakfast maybe option at some location.

Sometimes when my meeting or entertainment with the customer got very late and suddenly needed to place to stay overnight, I also call them for availability for tonight because they normally offers last minutes booking for special rate, lot cheaper than to take taxi ride home.

Next time you are in search of hotel, don't be fooled by the "business" hotel, you maybe surprised how efficient they are! ENJOY!!

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