Enjoy to watch making something on the streets in Asakusa

SENBEI (rice cracker)

In Asakusa, there are many shops where you can see the procedure to making something. Iriyama Senbei is located at Sushiya Street, while Ichiban Hanaya is located at Shin-Nakamise Street.

NINGYOYAKI (sponge cake)

There are many Ningyoyaki shops along Nakamise Street. Japanese tend to prefer the hand-made Ningyoyaki and of course these are good, but it is very fun to see that a big machine is producing Ningyoyaki continuously. You can eat a hot one.

Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake) & Yakiguri (roast chestnut)

Taiyaki shop is in Shin Nakamise Street and Yakiguri in Rokku Dori.

Have fun walking in Asakusa^^

by Keiko, OTT

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