Japan: entirely another planet for advertisement

Ubiquitous ads

If you are in Japan, you have seen it. It is everywhere. It is either fixed or mobile. Sometimes fixed in mobile environment like the handles in trains.

I am talking about advertisement. For this, Japan is another planet.

Well you do find the straightforward ones like beer or laundry powder.

But, there are a whoooole lot of mysterious ones:

Museum Platinium for instance. What is this thing? A museum on silver? A jewelry store? Flower shop? color stylist services? No, of course not. And if you do not read the little text down the ad, you will not understand it is a beauty salon specializing in epilation. And oh my God, you can even get an annual special fare!

Another good one is the one for a all-women detective agency. The ad wishes you happiness and shall we be happy, we deserve it! It looked quite like a matrimonial agency to me but, well, maybe, this detective agency is specialized in just such business!

I got tempted by the ad for the last one: a new beverage with lemongrass and basilico seed. It is supposed to be refreshing and healthy. Bringing you minerals and punch for the day. I regret I listened to this ad...

Good things for the body and mind are not always good at taste!

So if you are in the train and do not know what to do, try guessing, or even inventing the content of the advertisement. It is good fun.

by Claire