Gyoza Culture in Japan

It's chinese food but it's also become Japanese food now

Gyoza (Chinese dumpling) originally came from China but it is become one of Japanese soul food.

We brought up with Gyoza, mom buys, eating out with family/friends or mammy's home made Gyoza.

When you go to the Gyoza restaurants, you will find soup gyoza(which is more traditional in China)or fried gyoza many kinds of Gyoza but the most popular one is Yaki(grilled) gyoza.

One of the popular gyoza place is called "osho王将" from Osaka. My friend from Osaka said that their sunday family dinner was often at Osho gyoza. Because it's reasonable place for family even before the pay day!

I personally Osho gyoza is bit too much so I often go buy mini-gyoza at department store and cook myself at home.
My recommendation is "点天 Tenten" at Tokyo Daimaru store B1.
It's light and you easily can eat 30 mini-gyoza !

by yukorose

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