Tokyo Survival Game Field – ASOBIBA -

“Survival game” ( “Sabagee” for short) is a shooting game where two teams armed with airsoft BB guns (with 6mm dia. plastic balls) battle each other. This entertainment play has originated in Japan and “ASOBIBA” is the place where you can give it a try within Tokyo.

Sabagee is getting very popular in Japan during recent years since you can enjoy as if you jumped into the world of popular shooting games or FPS’s TV online games. Most of the survival game fields are located in the countryside or the suburb, which force players wake up early in the morning to go out and spend a full day for the game. It has been quite a bit of burden for many players.

Under such circumstances, ASOBIBA comes in as a dream place within Tokyo metropolis which a lot of players have been waiting eagerly for. ASOBIBA provides the spaces for indoor game by using ruin buildings and vacant stores so that players have easy access to their fields near stations.

ASOBIBA branches are located in Jyujo and Odaiba in TOKYO, Nagoya in AICHI and Huis Ten Bosch in NAGASAKI at the moment. They plan to develop more branches one by one from now on.

It is a thrilling play so why not give it a try with your friends! You will enjoy extraordinary excitement.

URL: http://asobiba-tokyo.com/
Reservations : Please check the reservation calendar on their homepage and make a booking in advance.
Admission : 5,000yen/half day (Rental fees are separate)

by totowatanabe

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