Sashimi vs. Sushi

Sashimi is a Japanese cuisine of fresh raw fish sliced into thin pieces. Sushi is a Japanese traditional food where you put a sliced raw fish on top of cooked vinegared rice (Su-meshi). A little bit of Wasabi would taste great on the Su-Meshi.

“Su-Meshi” can be cooked at home easily. You can buy “Sushi-zu” already made in bottles, generally sold in English as "Seasoned Rice Vinegar” at most of the supermarkets in Japan. Mix it with hot cooked rice and it will give a nice flavor to rice. Cool it a little bit to be used for sushi. No difficult cooking tips, you can do it right away even for tonight. You can also pick up a fresh sashimi package to combine with your home-made Su-Meshi. There are several different kinds of sushi molds available at 100 yen discount shops to make your favorite sushi.

Simple recipe: Why does everybody love to visit a fancy sushi restaurant?

Well, professional sushi chefs pay attentions to every details as to what size of slice would be good, thin or thick, how to cut each fish into slices, how to press the sushi rice into a small rectangular box between the palms of the hands and many more. Each sushi chef has his or her practices and experiences to make impressive presentations and make each customer satisfied with the treat. Those are the kind of things Mr. Obama should have enjoyed at the sushi restaurant granted the highest rank of three stars in the Michelin Tokyo. It is a work of ART!

Sashimi can be enjoyed greatly with rice, however it also goes well with Sake. Good for those who are on diet too.

There are a lot of people who enjoy Sashimi first with Sake before they are served with Sushi. It’s like an hors d'oeuvre.

Oh, please make a note “Sashimi” usually costs more than “Sushi” even though they are like Sushi without rice!

by Suetsumuhana

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