Tourist friendly town at Hida Takayama

They have great beef and onsen!

Places to go in the Tokai area I recommend going to Hida Takayama.
It is in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture.
3 hour train ride from Nagoya station to Takayama station (3,350yen one way).

The hotel I stayed at was the Takayama Ooan(高山桜庵)right next to the Takayama Station.

The entrance is beautiful even has a foot bath in front of the entrance.
When entering nice old fashion Japan atmosphere surrounds the first floor.
Friendly front desk will take your luggage and gives you the keys to your room along with a key to store your shoes.

The rooms have a Zen like feeling with stylish Japanese style bed that's about knee high, but not a futon.

Takayama is known for Onsen I think this is one of the experiances many foreigners like to experience, but can be intimidating.
Being naked with people you don't know isn't quite like jumping in the Jacuzzi with friends.

Not to worry.

The Takayama Ooan Onsen has three private Onsens still get the relaxing time without having to feel uncomfortable. They don't offer towels so make sure you take the towels from your room before going to the top floor to bathe.

In the morning their breakfast is on the first floor I remember I had a very nice meal.

When you get a chance please check out Takayama.
It is a place where many foreigners go and the local people are welcome to visitors.

Hope you get to see the Takayama area.
Thank you for reading.

by Yuuki I

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