October Festival in Nagoya till July 21st

Grab a friend and let's go out for some drinks!

The October Festival in Nagoya started from July 5th.
Right in the middle of Sakae.
The sites are divided into two main areas, one is next to the TV tower (Angel Area) and the other is next to Matsuzakaya (Hisaya Area).

Entrance fee is the free.

I went last Sunday on a rainy day the area has large tents that kept us out of the rain.

There were 7 main burry brands at the Hisaya Area, each brand offered from 3~5 different kinds of beer to choose from.

500ml beer cost 1,400yen and they charge an extra 1,000yen for the glass.
(When changing brands or on your way back home the 1,000yen will be paid back when returning the glass.)

The food was great as well with the beer. Sausages are served in 3 pieces 700 yen up to 2,000yen for a full meal.

Nice German music played at the large stage in Hisaya Area and from 8PM. Bands started to play and a large group of people started dancing to the music!

The Nagoya October Festival goes on till the 21st.
For more information please visit the site.

October Festival is also in the Tokyo area currently in the Ooi area till July 31st.
Please see the link for more details.

Thank you and enjoy!

by Yuuki I

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