Summer at Shonan/Enoshima Beach

Shonan/Enoshima area is one of the most popular beaches in Japan. There are so many beach houses (Umino-ie) that you can enjoy the beach as you like: swimming, surfing, BBQ, fishing, parties... etc.
This summer, the popular US fashion brand "OLD NAVY" is having a beach house at Enoshima. Collaborating with a famous hamburger restaurant (E.A.T) and original beach house (EAU CAFÉ Shonan), this beach house offers American style BBQ, great hamburgers and OLD NAVY clothes!

If you have a chance to come to Enoshima, take a look at the white beach house with a huge flip flop! Of course you can have fun at any other beach house you like!
Enjoy Japanese/American culture at Enoshima beach!!


by Yuki

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