Torinoiru Cafe for Bird Lovers

Tokyo has you covered with Owl Cafes

Hello everybody! Alex aka Subtokyo is back for another interesting animal cafe, this time an owl cafe!

There are a handful of owl cafes around the Tokyo area. Kiba, Tsukishima, and a couple other locations in Tokyo. I visited the owl cafe or bird cafe in Kiba, Tokyo. This was the Torinoiru Cafe which translates to "Cafe with birds" and they have not only many types of owls but also many other birds as well.

Like any other animal cafe you get seated and are able to order food and drinks. Most of the the birds are caged so they don't fly around like crazy, and there is a special petting area which you can enter after you enjoy relaxing in the cafe. The cafe is pretty loud so there it might be a little tough to relax. It sure was entertaining though.

You pay 500 yen to enter the petting area where you are given 5 minutes to pet the owls that are available for petting. You can also get a bird glove to put on your arm and hold one of them while they sit on your arm.

This cafe is very close to Kiba station, only a few minutes walk. It is however very popular so you will most likely have to wait in line, how long will depend on what hour of the day you go. When we went we waited about 20 minutes and that was around 4 or 5 in the afternoon.

All in all this was a very interesting and entertaining cafe to visit. If you're an animal/bird lover then all the more so. If you're terrified of birds then that's another story. But I recommend this cheap and fun experience in the center of Tokyo.

You can watch my experience on you Subtokyo video here:

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by Alex Kobayashi /Subtokyo

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