Best Izakaya in Yokohama, Japan

All You Can drink in Japan

By far my favourite izakaya is a place in Yokohama called Camp Yokohama.

As its name may suggest, this particular izakaya is camping themed. Which of course means, MEAT! GOOD MEAT! CHEAP MEAAAAT!!
Anything you order here is awesome, from the jumbo sausage (300 yen) to the lamb. What makes it exciting is that you get to cook it yourself on an actual barbeque set on your table. The freshly cooked meat tastes so good.

And how can you have an awesome barbeque without good drinks?
Camp Yokohama is also not the typical izakaya in the way you order drinks. At a typical izakaya, you have to order from a set menu. The waiter takes your order, and it can take 5-10 minutes for the drink to come out. One problem, you never know how it will taste. Unless you go to a really nice and expensive place, you will definitely come across a few horrible cocktails if you explore the menu. Some are too strong, some taste just like juice, and some are just outright bad. Whats worse is that there is usually a one drink at a time policy. You can't order multiple drinks and can't have leftovers.

At Camp Yokohama, you have no such worries.


There is a sufficient selection of both soft and hard liquor. Vodka, rum, gin, beer, sake, shochu, you name it. Comes with a wide selection of mixers too, coke, fizzy water, orange juice, etc. You get to make your drinks as strong as you want and there is no strict one drink at a time policy.

Now you may think this place is expensive considering its perks. But no, its also one of the cheapest places I've been to. Honestly, I don't understand how they even make money. It starts off at 600 yen per hour of all you can drink. For every extra 10 minutes, its only 100 yen.
The only other extra cost is a 315 yen entrance fee that comes with a salad and a policy that each person must order at least one thing from the menu. But thats no issue because the food is so good!

If you find yourself around Yokohama station, looking for a place to drink with your friends, definitely go to CAMP Yokohama. Here is a link to its page on "tabelog."

Have a blast!

by GenS

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