Tanuki - Racoon Dogs

If you live in the suburbs of Tokyo like I do, then you might be lucky enough to have some neighborhood Tanuki! In the suburbs, there are still a number of farms and open spaces. And there is some surprising wildlife as well, such as this family of Tanuki. This Tanuki family would come by almost every night at about the same time. It turned out that one of the neighbors had been feeding some feral cats and the Tanuki soon found the food to their liking as well. One night, one of the babies fell off the wall and into my balcony that was just below the ground level of the forested park outside my building. He was trapped and could not get out by himself. I hastily found a cardboard box to capture the scared little baby, then gently lifted the box and tipped it over at ground level so that the baby could be reunited with it's mother who was anxiously waiting nearby. I can gladly say it was mission accomplished.

by Kevin