World's Most Comfortable Economy-class Seats on Skymark Airlines

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When I boarded my Skymark airline flight last weekend for a short trip down to Fukuoka, I was shocked by how large the economy seats were. Initially I miss took the economy seats to be business class seats and kept going till the back of the place.

Skymark used to be the low quality, cheap-o airline. For the cost efficient family we were, it was our first choice. Prices were considerably cheaper than say JAL or ANA. But the seats were very cramped and flights were packed. Skymark flights weren't the most comfortable.

It had been a while since my last skymark flight and the transformation was amazing. The seats were wider than any economy-class seat I had experienced. They also came with wide arm rests and a leg rest that would put me to graceful sleep. I read later that the seats were designed to be about 30cm wider than regular economy seats. There was also sufficient room between rows that allowed for an almost 180 degrees lying down experience. The stewardesses also looked very pretty in their uniforms.

The best thing about it is that skymark is still way cheaper than ANA or JAL.
As of now, they are only flying this spacious aircraft on the Fukuoka route. But they have plans to expand. You should definitely see if you can experience this comfortable flight during your stay in Japan!

by GenS