Cheapest Places for Karaoke in Japan

Karaoke no Tetsujin (Karatetsu)

Karatetsu is my go-to karaoke place. The reasons are clear.
1. Cheap
2. Carries one of the most number of songs, which is perfect for someone like me who enjoys singing songs in English.

The prices are pretty mind-blowing in comparison to places like Shidax or Big Echo that charge 650yen/30min per person on Friday nights. On a regular weekday before 6pm, it is only 160yen/30 min at the place I go to in Sakuragicho. For students, it is cheaper, 111yen. There is no extra charge, no rule to order at least one drink. In fact, it is all you can drink! If you are up for a whole day of singing, you can order free time, 1,010 yen for six hours between 12pm and 6pm.

Karatetsu also has its own song system. Usually at karaoke places, you have to choose a system, DAM or JoySound. The karatetsu system combines multiple of these individual system and boasts the most number of songs in the industry. I'm so used to singing all of the English songs I like that when I go to other places and cannot find a song, I get disappointed.

Of course though, Karatetsu can't be perfect. The low cost comes with its price. Unfortunately, each of the rooms tend to be on the smaller side. Also, it can be quite smoky inside. The maintenance isn't as good as more expensive place. But from my view, I'm just there to sing for cheap and so these are sacrifices I'm willing to take.

Cote D'Azur

Cote D'Azur is another one of my favourite karaoke places. Prices are similar, just a bit higher, than those at karatetsu. The number of songs is also lower. The good part about this place is that the rooms are much nicer and well kept. Also, they have themed rooms that can be used without an extra charge. The ones with little stages are perfect for bigger groups. Karaoke + dancing is always fun.

On your trip to Japan, definitely try one of these two places for karaoke!

by GenS

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