Harajuku on Sunday

Harajuku and Yoyogi Park on a Sunday. The Rockabilly Dancers dance to their own beat and it very fun watching them have fun dancing. They play a variety of 50's style Rockabilly style music, both Western and Japanese. They dance so much on the asphalt that they literally wear the soles of their boots off. That doesn't stop them though - they wrap them in black electrician's tape to keep them from falling apart and continue dancing. Here is a short video: http://bit.ly/1lJ6nUz

Visit on a Sunday and you will see a kaleidoscope of outdoor performers at the park. Yoyogi park is right next to Harujuku station and very easy to visit. It is one of the largest parks in Tokyo. There are outdoor stands selling snacks and drinks as well. A great place to spend the afternoon with friends and family and forget about the concrete jungle that is Tokyo.

by Kevin

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