Healthy Tea for a Healthier YOU in Japan

Teas are available at any pharmacy and will really help you feel better

My favorite tea found in Japan is called "Pu-Ar cha" and it can be found in most drug stores and some supermarkets. Originally from China and made from aged leaves, this has proven healthy and healing for me.

When made in a heavy concentration and consumed after every meal, it can help you lose weight fast! I lost 275 pounds just last week! Just kidding! But, in all seriousness, this tea has helped me lose weight and people say my skin looks young and radiant. Now, for a guy who sits in a booth talking for a living, clear and moist skin might not be such a big deal, but if I am looking better outside, I feel I must be looking good within as well.

My newest restaurant recommendation is SOUL SNACKS in Ginza. Here's a quick video you can share: http://youtu.be/Y2voBJH7AqM

Hope you can go their for some nice eats and then enjoy your heathy tea to top it off!

by Kong

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