Commuting during Rush Hour !

Imagine you have to board your 7:45am train by hook or by crook (so you can arrive in office on schedule). Let's add to this imagination, images of japan train rush and getting shoved by polite train conductors without any apology. So how do you board train now, especially during mad rush on weekday mornings? It's easy and yes 100 percent possible, all you have to do is, arrive at station 5-10 mins early (depending on your stamina to sprint from ticket vending gate to train platform, and depending on your skill to dodge crowd at ticket vending gate with many 'simasens' i.e.Excuse me please). Once you arrive at train platform, get in either one of 2 queues at each door, there are 2 queues at each door (see pic 'Queue along white lines'). Caution: Some people may be outside queues, just ignore these bystanders and get in queue like an obedient gaijin (foreigner). Once train arrives, the door in front of your queue opens, people alight from train ("exhale now"), your queue will begin boarding. Some of bystanders will try to barge in your queue. With exception to old people, small children, pregnant women, by all means pass direct stares, raised eye brows, grins to such bystanders trying to break in your queue. Don't, (and I mean really don't) say anything or use your physical strength towards these breakin' bystanders. Here, non-verbal cues are more effective than verbal or physical cues. If you manage to board your 7:45am train then Congratulations ! If you are not lucky yet, due to crowd don't "Let it go" yet, just stand there trying to get on train till your friendly neighborhood train conductor appears from nowhere ("Inhale") and with friendly but forceful push(es), shoves you inside train ("Exhale now").

Good luck for next morning's 7:45am train !

by Samir Bodhe

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