Japanese Perfection in Flower Gift Design


Japanese Perfection in Flower Gift Design

Putting the “Wow” into flower design.

Every time I wonder what to send someone for a birthday, office move or wedding, I think FLOWERs!! Okay, no one would say “No” to a flower gift right? How about a super cool, Japanese-style flower arrangement?

It used to be difficult to find an on-line flower delivery service in Japan as Japanese office manner demands clear separation of private and public. White orchid arrangements congratulating an office move, promotion or book publishing are popular, as are somber flower arrangements for funerals and wakes.

But, thanks to internet-shopping ease, K-Florist (the K being for Mr. Kurihara who started the company) brought together affiliates across Japan to provide designer arrangements with a distinctive Japanese sense of perfection to everyone including visitors who are here and might want to offer a special thanks to a host or maybe send a superb gift for a family they are visiting. Or, maybe for a little added, “cool” in the hotel room?

Easily ordered via the website here:

Take a look at the kinds of designs available. Do you see a certain sense of unique Zen? Chic antherium-based flat-leafed tower design for the discriminating businessman, light and soft roses set among a classic bottle of bubbly for a couple’s anniversary, the style for each arrangement is reminiscent of the color scheme and balanced care of traditional Japanese flower arrangement, Ikebana.
You might want to follow the website to see the entire new flower designs that will truly inspire.

There was never a particular effort given to keeping the look uniquely Japanese, but somehow K-Florist manages that clean, simple beauty seen in low or high vases in homes or Japanese Inns across the country.

Trying to assure the warm wishes and sentiments you wish to express will be apparent with each bloom and the first thought is “why” that customer chose the particular flower gift. Flower gifting is an implicit communication and customers in Japan demand constant brush up in design and service. Each gift is hand-delivered by professional florists to ensure a timely arrival and an impeccable experience. Fresh flowers are procured from Setagaya farm market to shops three times per week and the “wow” experience will be definitely something to share.
Visitors may never think of ordering a flower arrangement for their hotel room during their time in Japan, but what a nice, sweet and beautifully Japanese addition to your room and a nice gift to wake up to during your journey.

by K-FLORIST design

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