Japan Foodie Info: Wine Dining Sakura (Budoshu Shokudo Sakura)

If you like Wine, this is the place to go in Roppongi Japan

Budoshu Shokudo (Wine Dining) Sakura is recommended for those who would like to casually enjoy Italian foods, Pizza and Pasta, and good wine.

Handmade pizza is baked in an original kiln in the open kitchen. They have a great wine selection and offer many choices of glass wine. A wine shop with huge wine cellar is located in the same building. You can buy your favorite at the wine shop and drink it at Sakura with a separate corkage fee.

Sakura is located near at the Roppongi Station intersection. They have a sister restaurant on the 2nd floor in the same building and they offer great bread too!


by KazuoN

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