100 Yen Shop Listing for Yokohama

I was recently asked by a group of tourists, “Can you tell us where the nearest convenience store is?”

“Why bother with a conbini?” I replied. “There’s a 100 yen shop just down the street. They’ll have whatever you need. And for less.”

Cue the sound of joy and jubilation. Oh happy day.

100 yen shops, like their Western Dollar and Poundland/Poundshop counterparts, are lifesavers not only for locals, but also for visiting tourists. With a nearly anything-you-need inventory whose quality continually improves, the only problem with 100 yen shops is knowing where to find them.

Daiso, arguably Japan’s largest (worldwide) chain, has well over 3000 locations in the country. With 10-20 shops opening every month, it’s a wonder why we don’t yet see them on every corner.

For those of you in the Yokohama area, here’s a quick list of the largest Daiso 100 Yen Shops that I frequent. They’re all conveniently located within walking distance of a major train station:

Daiso (Colette Mare 4F, near JR Sakuragicho and Minatomirai Line Stations)

Daiso (Isezaki Mall, Isezakicho, near JR Kannai Station)
Above Uniqlo, 3-6F
(There’s also a Can Do 100 yen shop next to GU (one or two buildings next door))

Daiso (near JR and Yokohama Blue Line Sakuragicho Stations)
Basement floor

Daiso (Diamond Mall, Yokohama Station)
Next to Yodabashi Camera, basement floor

Senpai Eddie has a wonderful article, “Tips on Japanese 100 yen Shops (Top 3 Best & Worst Buys), right here at DeepJapan. Have a look: http://www.deepjapan.org/a/2436

Happy Shopping!

by Former Deep Japan Writer

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