Japan Travel: Eat Excellent Shabu Shabu at Kanagawa-juku

3rd Stop on Tokaido 53 stations offers great Japanese food

Kanagawa-juku is the third of the fifty-three stations of the Tōkaidō. It is located in Kanagawa - Ku in the present-day city of Yokohama Japan.

The photo dipicts a series of houses along side of ocean but one of these houses is a traditional restaurant, which serves “Shabu-Shabu” among other dishes, even today. It was started by Ryoma Sakamoto's wife Oryou Yukari and has been serving honored guests since 1863.


This is an English website with easy directions so if you want to have a fantastic, traditional Japanese meal, I definitely recommend this place.

Despite the fact that this restaurant is right in the middle of Yokohama land fill right now, the ocean was right in front of Tanakaya before the sea was filled and many multi structured building was erected. According to the owner of this restaurant, the family kept it running for many generations and she recalls their parents speaking of customers fishing out of their back room of their restaurant. Many other restaurants were destroyed by either Great Kanto Earthquake or bombings during World War II but this one survived and still operating.

To enjoy their cuisine, you must make the reservation but with customer request, the owner will come to your individual room where the food is being served and she will do a short video presentation of this restaurant.

Kanagawa-juku was established parallel to Kanagawa Port and it flourished as part of the route that goods traveled on the way Sagami area. Though the area had officially been designated as the place for the port to be opened, it was actually opened on the opposite shore in what is now Naka-ku, Yokohama.

After the country was opened to international trade, the center of commerce was moved to the opposite shore as well. In 1889, the town of Kanagawa was established, and it eventually merged into Yokohama in 1901.

Great cuisine, excellent service and deep history awaits you in Yokohama!

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